Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not Much Knitting

Yesterday, we spent the day packing up for a move. No, not the Other Half and me, silly, the Younger Son

He's bought a house, not terribly far from here, and today, he's moving in.

There are empty spots all over the house where "his stuff" used to be. Some of them will be re-filled (it's hard to sit in the living room without a sofa), others will remain empty.

His dad and I are proud of him and pleased that he is starting a new phase in his life. And truth be told, we are looking forward to an Empty Nest.

In the early morning quiet, I wandered around the yard and spotted a fierce lion skulking in the underbrush. Oh, my!

Sparky was less than thrilled to be hauled back inside.

For the record, Sparky and Penny are inside/outside cats, but they never leave our yard. (They know which side the bread is buttered.)

There is the usual May-June profusion of daisies.

These are barely cultivated (near-feral, self-sown) and so, will wilt and fade soon, to be replaced by bergamot (bee balm) and ornamental grasses.

The peonies are about to bloom in profusion. The difference between these bushes "before" and "now" is that we had some of the overhead trees trimmed and now there is suficient sunlight to allow them to do "their thing."

And do it, they do.

Lovely blooms, very fragrant.

We've had less success with roses. There were many (dead or near-dead) rose bushes here when we moved in. First order of business was to yank them out.

Over time, we came to realize that both of us love the fragrance and the beauty, so we replanted (in a different location). Those bushes failed to thrive, but we added a floribunda (a varient of so-called "wild roses") and it took off!

Not much knitting occured last night. In fact, I had The Perfect Yarn and Pattern right there on my lap and had second thoughts. So instead of casting on, I spent an hour or more looking through patterns I had bookmarked (with paper, in magazines, not on the computer) mulling over possibilities.

I may break with tradition and use a pattern in one of my two new books (see previous entry), rather than letting them age first.
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