Tuesday, May 01, 2007


This time last year, I issued a challenge to my loyal readers and to the members of Native American Support to complete a number of pairs of mittens for the Cheyenne River (Lakota Sioux) Reservation in South Dakota, USA.

Situated in one of the poorest areas of the United States and also one of the coldest in the winter, Cheyenne River is home to many, many children.

This year's challenge is 7 (pairs) in 2007 with anticipated mailing October 1.

Last year, all non NAS members mailed their mittens to me for re-mailing. I think this year, I'll ask for a photo via email and have all of you who choose to participate mail direct to the reservation.

I really loved seeing all of the mittens "up close and personal," but I really think our charity dollars could be better spent than paying the postal service twice.

There will be prizes (TBA) by random draw for all folks who complete and mail 8 pairs by the October 1 deadline. (I know it's a long way off, but 8 pairs of mittens can take a good long time to complete if you are as opposed to Mitten Knittin' as I am. )

There will be a button soon.

And in Other Knitting News:

I have a couple of rows of the lacy hearts started. (Not rows of hearts, rows of the hearts--there's a difference.)

There is still no progress on the pink sweater.

Oh, well. It will get done when it gets done.

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Hi, Ann -- 7 pairs or 8 pairs? I'm confused. . . Elizabeth D
Well, not all of them came to you. ;) You had a deadline of Oct 1. I made it by following Feb.

They did get them though. Sent me a lovely letter.

Penny is so cute! I bet she did watch that episode of House with Hector. I wanted him to keep him. So. Cute.
I am a first time poster, just wanted to say I love your blog! :) I wanted to also congratulate you on your stash going down :) I do have a question though...the 7 pairs of mittens, do they have to be in any size?

I am going to try to make the 7 pairs!

7 or 8 pairs of mittens for children? Babies and children? Teens too or just little children?

Do I ask enough questions? :)

I'll see what I can do. An October deadline should be enough time though.
I'm in for a few. Don't know if I can get 7/8 pairs, but I'll give it the ole college try!
Wait, 7 or 8 pairs is your personal challenge and you are extending the invitation to the rest of us, right? I will help with the mittens - Wool for warmth.
I won't be able to get 7 pairs by October 1, but I'd like to donate whatever I can manage to knit up.
Does children sized mittins include teenagers? It seems like older kids get left out of a lot of things 'cause the tiny stuff is cute and/or fast. Any special requirements such as machine washable & dryable?
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