Monday, May 14, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I had a quiet night (as in "to myself"), and the light was still good, so I slipped the six edge stitches to a 5" dpn, dropped three stitches by 20 rows and went to town

I used a pair of 5" dpns to knit back up the dropped column.

The 5" length made it easy to move the working stitches from front to back of the knitting, the double points meant that I could slide the knitting back and forth and not have to turn my work.

Like knitting garter stitch in the round, I knit one row, purled one row, but always from the right side.

Here's the finished repair.

A nice warm soak and block will even out those eyelets when the blankie is finished.

Mission accomplished!

And lookie at this.

We all get those "your account has been compromised" emails that direct us (supposedly) to a website where we can correct the problem.

Folks, it's called "phishing," and it looks as though someone has decided to blow the proverbial whistle. (Click on the photo if it's too small to read.)

Please note that I would never give private info to an unsolicited email. And neither should you!

We're still hunting wabbits, just from a safer distance tonight. It's an uncomfortable job, but someone has to do it.

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I love the shorty dpn's for fixing mistakes. I don't think I ever actually knit with them though. Strange. :) The blanket is looking lovely.
Heroic of you to fix the mistake - by me it would probably just end up in the "sometimes later" pile ;-)
Ann, do you knit with the 5" dpn's? Thinking the shorter ones might be just the ticket for "baby bootie/sock" knitting.

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