Thursday, May 03, 2007

It Might As Well Be Spring (picture heavy, word light)

Longtime readers might think that they recognize these photos, but I assure you that they are newly shot.

Some random snaps from around the back 40 (square yards):

Penny is feeling well enough to take in the sun on the patio.

She's still a little wobbly and has a slight remaining limp, but other than that, she's her old pesky self.

Anybody see the House episode where the little dog (Hector) mimics House's limp? I think she saw it!

We need to get those weeds pulled!

Yellow tulips (soon to be followed by other colors) and grape hyacinth (that I don't remember planting here--spready little devils!)

I love this time of year. Flowers in profusion and I didn't have to do anything.

Yellow clumpy things --they have a name, I just can't remember what it is.

More tulips.

I suspect they will need to be dug and divided soon, but if I do that, it willl alert the squirrels that they are here.

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We watch House all the time. I loved it that he and little dog actually bonded.
I'm so glad kitty if feeling better. The spring flowers are lovely. It really is the prettiest of the seasons.
The clumpy things are species tulips 'Tarda'. Yours look just like these:
So cheerful!
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