Sunday, May 06, 2007

Interior Beauty

After showing the tulips (and they are in their glory today!) earlier, I thought I'd give my Gentle Readers a glimpse at the beauty beast that reigns within the house.

Yes, I am a slob. Why?

I claim that old proverb about "clean desk, empty mind" and creative genius and such like.

But I really do need to clear off some of the stuff I'm not currently using.

On that desk, along with the yellow blankie and its pattern are a stack of patterns and magazines and catalogs (but it isn't a big stack) scissors, empty knitting needles, a hanger, and a bunch of other stuff including my kitchen timer. Ah ha! That's where it got to!

And speaking of the yellow blankie, it (actually its yarn) stayed on the timeout chair for less than 24 hours.

I picked it up and cast back on (this time on needles 2 sizes larger) and got past the point where I had frogged while watching movies (reviews below) this weekend.

I've completed one repeat (of 11) and feel "on track" for the fair. (Fifteen weekends away!)

And speaking of The Fair (we were, I know it), the EZ February sweater is complete except for the buttons (I had to order 2 more because 1) I made the sweater longer or 2) I put the button holes closer together than the pattern directs. You decide.) I'm planning booties to match and maybe a hat.

For those readers who know my dislike for wussy baby pink, I give you the actual real color of this wool. (It's showing up true to life on my monitor!) I told you it wasn't pink!

I'll post a final shot when the buttons are sewn on.

Knit From Your Stash Update: I think that the yarn diet may be officially over. I have ordered from my three favorite vendors very recently (actually only replenishing that which was knat, but still). (For those keeping track, they would be Smiley's, Webs, and Elann in no particular order. I buy what I want/need from whomever has it at the best price. )

Seeing that "Fifteen Weeks" until the fair in print (actually checking it off on my tiny calendar) is what prompted some of the buys. Having nothing (and I mean nothing) suitable for the Christmas knits got me on board for some plain white ack and some cherry red Cotton Ease. A lap robe pattern I want to knit got me to the sock yarn (navy and off white to combine with some yellow and red that I already have), some bright and cheerful washable stuff, that terry stuff that Elann had in full bags.

You know! I don't need to explain to any of you, do I?

I'm pleased with where I am (I updated the sidebar yesterday). I've gotten below 500 balls and 50 miles (my hoped-for benchmarks). I'll add in the newest acquisitions after the fair. WIPs do not count as stash. (My stash, my rules.)

Movie Reviews: Majesty abounds here at Casa Sheepie. We rented the two hot "royal" movies this weekend.

Helen Mirren rocks as The Queen! It is no wonder that this film won so many awards. No matter your feelings about the Princess of Wales, it's worth seeing. If you are a Diana-phile, you'll be outraged; if you are not, you'll understand, maybe. Mirren's acting is superb. If (and I have no doubt that it is so) there is a bit of fact in this telling of the story of Diana's death and burial, I can't help but wonder about many Americans' obsession with the whole British Royal system. Good freakin' grief!

And then, there was Forest Whitaker's perfomance in The Last King of Scotland! Oh, my, merciful, lord! Fantastic!

See them both!

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I watched The Queen while knitting today, too. I thought, also, it was superb! I had no idea the Royal Family was so hostile towards Diana. However, the exchanges between Tony & HRH did explain many things!
Ann, my cabinet doors are metal, and I finally resorted to a kitchen timer with a magnet so I could just stick it there on the wall. It's hard to bury things on a vertical surface (although if anyone could, I'd do it)
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