Friday, May 11, 2007

Drive By Blog

This is the big weekend, so I will be working nearly non-stop from early morning Saturday until mid-morning Sunday. I am hoping for a bit of sleep during.

But I couldn't go another day without showing and telling the latest acquisition:

It's from Smiley's.

Sock yarn in natural and navy to combine with red and yellow from the stash for a lap robe, some ack in a reddish heather and white for Ship Support hats and Christmas stuff, some red Cotton Ease to go with the white ack, and some Mango cotton for (probably) a child's sweater.

And this little number is the Vine Lace Baby Hat from Knitting Daily. Side view and top view in the same sock yarn as the sweater.

Don't forget to put a can of peas (or something) out for your letter carrier.

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Thanks for the reminder about the letter carriers tomorrow, Ann; have my bag "packed", but not set out yet!

And great new yarn to play with; I'm jealous
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