Monday, May 21, 2007

All It Needed

All I needed to finally declare this sweater an FO was the buttons.

I had them for weeks. So what was the holdup?

Needle and Thread and Inspiration, I guess.

So one more completed fair entry.

The details: Yarn is Kroy 3 Ply (the old stuff) in Honeysuckle Rose. (The color on my monitor is pretty accurate.) Pattern is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Sweater on Two Needles; Pratically Seamless from Knitter's Almanac--it's the February pattern.

This yarn is amazing! Of course, being wool/nylon sock yarn, it is machine washable and dryable. I did a warm water soak and spin and could easily have dressed the lace to make the sweater big enough for a small toddler. I think that I might pass that tip along to the future wearer's mom. I didn't want it that big, so I tossed it in the dryer and it went right back to infant-size.

I've had this yarn in the stash for a good, long time, so I am claiming it as Knit From Your Stash.

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Goodness, that is so cute, what a little beauty and love the colour!

I'll be making mittnz...don't know how many I'll get knit but I will be knitting some...
I like it!
That's gorgeous, and it's a great tip, too!
How much of the Kroy 3 ply did you use? I have mainly boring, MIL/FIL sock colours left, but maybe I can mix it up with something funky.
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