Sunday, April 01, 2007

No More Blogging

April Fool!

Seriously, life is catching up with me and there are many things I must finish over the next week in preparation for a long-awaited, much-needed Road Trip In Search of the Sun.

The Other Half has said that he doesn't mind it being a Yarn Crawl (at least part of the time), but I'm finding few yarn opportunities in the offing. Truthfully, I'm enjoying the Countdown--Official March results will be posted on the 5th of April as is my custom, but I am pleased!

I am knitting up my stash at a rate of 70 yards/day (average--some days are better, others are worse). At this rate, assuming I add nothing to the stash, I will be totally out of yarn in 1209 days (yes, that is 3 years and 4 months)! What will I do if all the fiber animals become extinct?


I found myself in the middle of a Finishing Frenzy last night.

The result was that the Tomten is seamed and ready for the edging. Two pairs of Ship Support slippers (see yesterday's post for colors and such) are ready to mail on Monday.

And I whipped up the critter you see (eyes left) over there.

In real life, s/he is a bit more Salmon and a lot less Orange Flame (yes, Janice, I still have fish on the brain).

It's an egg cozy! Or, it can also be a finger puppet of sorts.

My Keeps Me Honest photo for April is over there, too.

The FF means that there's little currently On The Needles. The green Tomten and the blue contrast trim yarn. Waiting. Waiting. Patiently.

The mohair shawl in its pink and purple Cotton Candy-ness. That's vacation knitting, so it's okay that it's hit a road block.

And what's that Brown Thing?

Why, that's the beginning of Bubby, the beginning of Fair 2007 Knitting Frenzy!

Except for one lone dishcloth, my fair entries are sorely lacking.

There's the shawl, too, of course, but the fair is a mere 4 and a half months off.

So, over the next few weeks, you can expect to see more and more Out-Of-The-Ordinary projects on these pages.

Some are already plotted, and others are in the early pattern-search phase.

By August, I expect that I will have finished most and will be finishing up the rest.

::eep:: That's only 16 weeks off (70 X 7 X 16= 7800+ yards to go!) ::eep::

Movie Reviews:

This weekend we rented these:

The Holiday is a light, entertaining bit of fluff. Definitely a chick flick. You know how sometimes you want to slap the characters in a movie? This is one where you'll have that feeling a lot! But it was fun.

The Prestige was also entertaining in a totally different way. I found myself wondering WTF? when it was over. Anything more would be a spoiler. About a 4 on a 1-5 scale.


Okay, the bunny is adorable! Every time I would see an ad for The Holiday I kept thinking of a Maeve Binchey book that I read with the exact same story line. We've got The Prestige lined up for tonight.
Oh man, I need that bunny pattern. Is it in a book?

And I just emailed you about salmon pink socks I'm making so clearly I also have fishbrains *g*
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