Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring Clean?

I love my Brittany double points.

But the little cardboard cards that they came on weren't doing their job any longer, so out they went. The needles were having a party at the bottom of the basket. Only a few of the shyer ones stayed in their little slots.

(Do you know how hard it is to toss something like that in the trash and then walk away?)


But lookie here.

I finally put the key rings to good use. All of my Brittanies are together in sets and I can actually find all four (or five) when I need them for a project.

I even treated myself to a new basket (at the Tree--I'm the last of the big spenders). Not that one! The new one is blue.

And speaking of projects, here are the March for April mailing slippers I am working on for Ship Support.

And yes, slippers and hats (especially the happy colors) are needed even in the summer for troops aboard ship and injured troops being med-evac's to hospitals for treatment. *

I'm using a modified (slightly, strictly for gauge) version of Aunt Alm's Dorm Boots andthe last of the Bouclé yarn (Jelly Beans and Lime Blue). It's two pairs, not one of each to the pair.

They are cuddly soft and warm. The colors are bright and cheerful. They should comfort a couple of men (or women).

*Special need right now is for "cool ties." My sewing skills are limited and my machine is 30+ years old. I leave the tie-making to people with more up-to-date equipment (and more skill).

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