Monday, March 19, 2007

Some Updating

The car knitting will not be car knitting for a day or so. That second sleeve requires more attention than I can give it, so I'll cast on something else mindless to work on at traffic signals.

This is an itty bitty sweater, about 22" around the chest. Pattern is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Tomten (available in many publications, though I happen to be working from The Opinionated Knitter). The yarn is 100% wool (superwash) Lane Borgosesia Knitaly. Well-aged.

It's a good strong green. I'll be trimming it with an equally strong blue. Buttons from the stash.

This came in the mail.

It's a spring/summer issue and they are generally "light" on things I would make.

This spring/summer issue is no exception.

Even the advice is lacking.

One example: "I consider myself an advanced beginner, but my knitting seems to grow as I keep making extra stitches at the edge." (The other three questions posed to Jil Eaton in this issue deal with frogging.)

Once upon a time, Knit Simple's predecessor (FCEK)addressed knitting skills that would allow a new knitter to advance. I don't see that any longer.

This issue is full of tank tops and beachwear. And Crochet. There's lots of crochet!

There was one pattern that I found appealing. Some cute little t-strap baby booties.

But frankly, there are versions of this pattern in some of the Debbie Bliss baby pattern books I own and several versions in Zoƫ Mellor's 50 Baby Bootees to Knit. So tell me, why do I need yet another one?

If I weren't a subscriber, this is not one I'd have bought on the newsstand.

Oh, and this came with it. Renewal notice.

Um, not unless the next issue is bunches better.

This issue is up for grabs.

Drop me an email (amcmanus-at-ptd-dot-net) (Make the obvious corrections) with Knit Simple in the subject line. I'll do a random draw from all "entries" received by oh, 11:59 p.m. Saturday, March 24.

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