Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Picture I Promised

Earlier today, when I was extoling the virtues of spiders and such, I promised a photo and here it is!

This one is destined for Dulaan. That makes 5, I am pleased to say (of sweaters--I passed my 5 woolies a while back!)

Pattern: Cheery"O" from Kids to Grown-Ups Seamless Sweaters. Yarn is Pinguoin France+ and Pingofrance II. It's about a size 2.

I am almost completely out of the Pinguoin yarn despite my readers' best efforts to keep me from running out (no more, please!)

This is all that is left.

Two nearly full (1.75 ounce) balls of royal blue, a nearly full ball of sage, and odd bits of a dozen other compatible colors.

Rabbitch challenged me to make a "clown sweater" with the remaining bits. I do believe that I will!

It will take a little planning, but I'm up for it.

Work has been horrendously busy. We have three vacant slots again and are filling some with temps and one with an employee who was willing to step up and quite nearly stepped down today--who could blame her? I will be so glad when/if spring gets here! And people are back in their regular slots and all is right with the world. (And peace and a bunch of money would be nice for wishes 2 and 3. Thank you.)

And speaking of spring, what dumbass had the idea to move daylight savings time? We have just reached the point when it is starting to be a bit light when I arrive at work. So now, I get plunged back into darkness? That sucks!

And what is this fuel savings of which they speak?


I'm with you on the Daylight's Savings time ... stupid idea! And the only ones "saving" might be the millionaires, as I sure haven't seen it in MY pocket.

Hope you get more staff at work soon, as I know how badly that sucks, too!
That's totally adorabe! I love it! :)
Another beautiful sweater and I love the way you added the edging at the ends.
Wasn't that George W.?
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