Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend's Almost Over

The Other Half found this cute little "stuffie" at the Tree last weekend.

He thought it might make a nice cat toy. I wasn't so sure.

(Background: Penny has a whole bunch of skeevy "rat" toys (Frederico Ferret is the actual name of this particular toy. She has several.) made of plastic and rabbit fur. She carries them around and "sings" to them. So far, she has ignored all other types of cat toys, no matter how much catnip they've been steeped in.)

So, imagine my surprise when I saw this earlier today.

Yes, she's grooming the damned thing!

Let the singing and crooning and arias begin!

It never ceases to amaze me, the things cats will do!

At least while she's grooming the "baby," she's not licking the sheets or the pillowcases or the bedspread on our bed!

Here's the latest Dulaan in Progress. A sweater in Pinguoin France+ and Pingofrance II. The colors are pretty true on my monitor, royal blue, caramel, salmon and goldenrod. Spread out like this, it looks nearly finished. It isn't. I need about 6" of body, then the ribbing at the waist. Then it's done.

It's about a size 2, knit from the top down. Same pattern as the other one.

There might just be enough yarn left for one more if I use up all the odd balls of leftovers in some random stripes.

I'm thinking a cardigan for that one. Probably a 12 month size.

And I polished this one off last night.

Double strands of handspun in natural colors. It still has a lot of the lanolin, but it doesn't smell sheepy.

(At least not to my stuffy nose.)

This one's very thick and should be nice and warm.

It's also for Dulaan.

And I'm thinking I should get the first box ready to ship.

Not all of my knitting has been altruistic. I finished the mitts, and wore them.

They, too, are nice and toasty.

And the next two days, the Cellar Dweller and I are "baching" since the Other Half is at a training. It's just far enough away that coming home at night made little sense. So he's sleeping in a hotel and we are indulging in Food That We Don't Eat When He's Home.

In truth, when the Cellar Dweller is "out for the evening," the Other Half and I do the same thing.

Movie Review: Babel is another one of those "what in the holy hell is going on?" movies. And I have to say, it was tedious in parts. And there are an awful lot of subtitles. Not a good movie for knitting along with.

News Flash:Spring arrives in 16 days! Unless you are on the Celtic calendar. Imbolc arrived on February 1.

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I like that little sweater! I am ~so~ close to actually trying out some kind of colourwork myself. You are all evil enablers ...
Pretty, pretty!
I really, really love your work, Ann. Did I mention you're my [knitting] hero? In any case, I'm going to try one of those little sweaters next. I'm not sure which "other one" you are referring to about the pattern, so I'm going to try my luck with the Best of Lopi pattern book.

Keep up the beautiful work, and thanks for sharing it!
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