Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Day

The weather was glorious! High above 70, clear as a bell.

I had a meeting in the state capital, which meant that I drove longer than the meeting. But it was interesting and informative and I am very glad I went! I was expected! (There was a visitor badge with my name printed on it.)

It's beginning to smell like spring in eastern Pennsylvania. Not the manure-spread smell (which I don't find objectionable), but the damp, freshly turned earth smell. Yummy!

I made some nice progress on the latest Dulaan sweater this evening. There's about 2.5" left of pattern before I start the ribbing. Then, I'll do the sleeves.

Yarn's going to be tight, but I have a backup plan in case I run out. (It involves some dark blue washable wool and the cuff and hem ribbing.)

Once this sweater is done, I am planning to pack up everything I've finished so far for Dulaan and get it into the mail.

I have officially removed the last of the Pinguoin yarn from my spread sheet and I'm below (just a hair, but still. . . ) 49 miles of yarn.

I looked briefly at Elann's newest yarn offerings (lovely, lovely Rowan washable wool) for something to jazz up the Tomten that's on the needles. Fortunately, the color I wanted most is already sold out.

::whew:: It's very, very pretty.

Next up: two baby presents.

After that: Fair entries!

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That sweater is really lovely! I love the patterning.
I saw the blanket you finished off for Warming Grace and I would love to know how you knit the squares together. Can you tell me?? Thanks, Dana
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