Thursday, March 15, 2007

Never Say

Never say that you are at full staff after being without a full complement for a long while. Someone is sure to get sick or quit or something.

Never say "spring has sprung" (at least not before April 15 at the earliest) because as soon as those words leave your lips, the weatherbug is going to predict "accumulations of 4-6" in this area."

Never say. . . well, anything you don't want coming true, because as sure as I am typing this, it will!

Okay, that out of the way, I've done a teensy bit on the current Dulaan:

I still have about 1.5" before the ribbing. And the sleeves.

So far, (knock wood and don't say. . .) the yarn's holding out well.

I have nearly a full ball of the royal blue (the neck ribbing color that also serves as the background on a lot of the bands) and about 4 ounces of the other colors (this much of the sweater, including the needles, weighs in at about 4 ounces).

I'm wishing I hadn't been such a wimp with the yoke. I'm really loving the wider bands' patterns.

And here's a "glamour" shot of the current car knitting. Guesses?

Think Zimmermann. Think elfin. Think Tomten! In about a 6-9 month size.

I am saved! The deep blue superwash that might be needed to rescue the Dulaan sweater (as ribbing) will also work for the i-cord contrast edging on this sweater! (And I have lots! Something like 2500 yards.) No need to purchase yarn.

The weekend is fast approaching, as is the latest "weather event." My noon-time service club meeting is already canceled. I just want to know, what if the snow fails to materialize?

Then I checked the "school closings" board at our local television channel's website (that channel has to be good for something besides mocking). Three closings already posted. One is a piano recital. Ok. The kids will be disappointed, but they'll also have an extra week to practice.

The other two are Meals on Wheels to the west of us and the Senior Lunch Program to the east. I'm guessing this means that people don't get hungry when it snows?? This has always troubled me. And I know there is a "blizzard bag" (that often gets consumed on the first weekend after it's dropped off) and the food is delivered by volunteers, but it seems that if one is able to reach a ripe old age, one's food supply shouldn't depend quite so much on the weather!

It's enough to make me trot down to the Turkey Hill for milk and bread.

Back when such things were important to me, it always seemed more prudent to stock up on Box Of Wine than Loaf of Bread. Because, well, you know.

Now? I figure that I can put something together with what's here in the house if I can't get to the store. I mean, they'll be plowing the roads sooner or later, won't they?

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I am refusing to believe it's going to do more than flurry here in my area of SW PA. And, the plowing is dependant on may melt first.
Love the Dulaan (what does that mean by the way ?) I am inspired to do some colour work myself, now!

I am making the Tomten from the Knitting Workshop Just about to join the fronts and back together. Can't fathm out how the sleeves work yet - but I am sure it will all become clear!!

You do such heroic knitting you know!!

with love
Ann, don't forget the potential of duplicate stitch up there on the yoke. . . and trust me, if nothing nasty has started falling from your sky, it's on the way. We're "enjoying" this weird frozen downpour right now, straight south of you but still in PA
Your current Dulaan sweater is gorgeous! Is it hard to incorporate the increases for the raglan with the fairisle patterning? I really want to try this but am a big, fat chicken! Keep warm.
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