Saturday, March 03, 2007

Keeping Me Honest

I just realized that the first of the month passed (twice) without my posting my current WIPs.

That will never do!

So here they are (such as they are) for March. Top left, the current top-down sweater. This one is about a size 2 and is using up Pingouin France+ that I got from Tammy combined with assorted leftovers of Pinofrance II that you've seen before. These two yarns are virtually the same weight though France has twice as much wool. This one will be donated to Dulaan. Or the reservation.

Moving clockwise, a handspun yarn, wound double. Natural sheepy colors, very tweedy. Small hat. Again, for Dulaan. The ball winder makes double stranding a breeze! No more "two bouncing balls" attracting the attention of assorted furballs. And no tangling.

I repeat: How did I live so long without swift and winder??

And last on the needles, a pair of mitts for me! The sagey green yarn is Classic Elite Maya (llama/wool) that I won from Tammy (same Tammy as above). These are going so fast that there almost wasn't a "progress photo" shoot. I started them yesterday. I'll be casting off in about 30 minues, I think. Pattern from FCEK (magazine that has now morphed with a new title) Winter 2001. The pattern calls for sport weight. Maya is Aran. I used size 4 needles and achieved a very firm 5 stitches/inch. I love them! I will wear them to death.

The good news is that I have enough yarn left to make a Branching Out. Regular readers will remember the "issues" I had with my last attempt. It wasn't pretty and the yarn was recycled. (Or will be.)

Word to the Wise (from the not-so): Don't knit with things you don't love. Life's too short!

Oh, and Tammy (yes, the same one) is having another contest to drum up support for the Dulaan Project. Pop on over and join in the fun!

And here's a cute little recent FO.

I'll bundle this hat with the Sweater With the Ladybug Buttons.

I didn't want an actual Ladybug. One that big is certain to squig out the squeamish! Just the Sense of a Ladybug.

My embroidery skills suck.

The pattern: basic cast on 70??, knit a bit in white, switch to red. Knit a bit more. Decrease at 7 points, draw up, fasten off. Embelish.

I got an unexpected 3-day this weekend (and it's the last one I'll be seeing for a while as we've had some serious staff turnover and sick folks). The rains came and came and came and when I arrived for work at 6:30 yesterday morning, the road and lot were under water. Shortly after I got there, the nice policeman arrived and put up barricades on our street. He said, "Go home!" so I did.

I've worked at the food bank for 8+ years (oh, my lord!). I cannot remember having 3 "weather days" in an entire year. So far, in the 62 days of 2007, we've had that many. And the spring thaw hasn't happened yet!

Blame it on development! And global warming.

Movie Review(s): The Departed has lots of gratuitous violence and language. It will leave you wondering "what the hell was going on?" Don't miss it. Nicholson, Damon, Sheen, and that DiCaprio kid actually looking like an actor!

Open Season (animated) is so very funny! There's a big bunch of potty humor ("who forgot to flush?") and just plain silliness. Rent it even if you don't have a kid to watch it with!

Half-Nelson got 2 thumbs down at Casa Sheepie and from everyone the Sheepie knows that has rented it. It leaves you with the same "What the hell was going on?" but not in a nice way. We bailed out 30 minutes in and switch to TiVo'd reruns.

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