Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Ought To Be

Walking, Working on Taxes, Doing Something Productive. And I will. Later. But first, I got me one of these:

If I can figure out how, I'll be updating it regularly. 150 miles by the end of April. That's 9,000 steps (average) per day and it means I need to do less SOMA and more walking.

I am taking a Personal Day today (we get one a year) and using it to babysit the cat and clean the kitchen and do a little little knitting.

I have some Brown Sheep Wildfoote (sock yarn) that I have dyed up (right in the photo) and in this case, overdyed, because the initial color was just Three Shades of Mud and Yuck, with Blue Raspberry Kool-aid. (Is all that punctuation in the right places?)

It was going to be a pair of Jaywalkers but I thought I'd like them better in a different yarn.


I wanted to use this yarn in a baby sweater. (Because sock wool is perfect for baby things, that's why!) It still looks a bit dull to me so I thought that this yummy Stahl Socka in a washed denim color would brighten it up a bit.

I triple stranded (2 of Wildfoote, one of Socka) with my ball winder and got a reasonable substitute for worsted weight, which, coincidentally, is the exact yarn type called for in my favorite quick baby pattern.

So I cast on:

a little 5-hour sweater.

With a variation.

Instead of the k 2 tog row and the k1 m1 row that follows it, I am just knitting across on both rows which gives a little garter ridge that's much more visible in person than it is in this photo.

I'll probably finish the cuffs and the hem with a few garter ridges and I have some blue buttons that will work nicely.

Babies are popping out all over around here!

I sure do love my ball winder!

Just catching up here. Sorry about Penny, and I hope she continues to improve! It's so hard to see those we love suffer. Keep us posted. (Love the sweater, btw).
Just wanted to let you know I am hoping the best for your kitty. I hope she continues to improve.

And I love the colors you're using for the baby sweater. It's such a pleasure to see all the great things you create.
they call it the boy 5HBS over on my yahoo board, lol. i actually have a printed copy of this, if i could ever find it again. i can't ever make the regular one, somehow i always end up with too many stitches. sigh.
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