Monday, March 26, 2007

An F'ing O

I finished the bouclé blankie. It came in at 40" square and joyful as the colors are, it brings very little joy.

It's been a very rough day at Casa Sheepie. We had an emergency vet run this afternoon with the tortie (Penny) and she's in sorry shape.

The vet doesn't know. He gave her a big dose of steroids and sent her home with pills she'll start in the morning, but dudes, it's looking bleak.

He's not sure if it's inner ear or a spinal injury, or a stroke. She's leaning to the right and not getting around too well on her own.

Keep a good thought, okay?

Gentle hugs for you and the fur baby. Hope all will be well.
You're in my thoughts and I'm sending good health feelings to Penny. Take care, both of you!
All of us at Furball Farm will keep Penny in our thoughts along with the folks at Casa Sheepie.

(One of cats may have suffered something similar a couple of years ago. It eventually went away; we finally decided she must have fallen and really bruised up one side.)
Thinking of you and your kitty. Hope she is okay.
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