Thursday, March 22, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Whichever color set I choose, it will blend nicely with my winter wardrobe (mostly black and gray) and my summer wardrobe (mostly black and beige).

The tall stack is the Plymouth Outback Mohair, all neatly rolled into center-pull balls.

I think this is the order I will knit it up (assuming this is the chosen one).

I debated putting the bottom ball at the top, and now, looking at the photo (photos of the colors often clarify things for me), I might switch the bottom two balls.

(I seem to have gone through a similar quandry on another multi-color project.

If I remember correctly, that one was fuzzy, too. (5/4/06)

Then, there is the other possibility.

The colorway "Weeping Woman" takes its hues from a Picasso painting. (Scroll down a wee bit.)

All of this line of Artful Yarns are named after famous paintings. All of the colors are magnificent.

Can you tell which way I'm leaning? (Of course, I could make 2!)

Meanwhile, I have more mohair to ball.

This shawl will be vacation knitting (2 weeks and 3 days, but who's counting?)

Beth asked about the Bouclé Mitered Square (as in "how much?"). I have 10 balls. I have no plans to buy more. Fact is, I think there isn't more to be had, unless perhaps 1 more of the solid.

My calculations tell me (based on how far I've gotten with the first 2 balls) that I will have plenty and not need more unless I decide it needs a border. The last one got a single round of attached i-cord. This bouclé yarn is not going to make it as i-cord! So I would need something smooth (Red Heart, Caron) in a suitable color. Ain't happening. Not Buying Yarn. Unless I need to because it looks unfinished.
I don't know if we get a "vote" on this one, but mine would be for the second batch of yarn; it's gorgeous and would go really nicely with your wardrobe!
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