Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Decision Is Made

I am a half-day behind on my weekend. Instead of going to the grocery store after work last night, I spoke at Shabbat at a local Reform synagogue.

The service was so relaxing (I couldn't follow or understand the Hebrew part--about half--so I just let it wash over me). They were very receptive to the message. About half of the congregation was Lutheran teens, working toward confirmation. I got there a few minutes early and was able to listen to a member of the congregation describe the symbols around the foyer and point out the similarities in the two faiths.

This was interesting to me, because I once (for many years) taught the junior high school level CCD (Sunday school which was actually held on Saturday for three very long hours once a month) class in our parish.

The green part of the Tomten is finished.

I'll start the i-cord trim tomorrow, sew up the sleeve seams, sew on the buttons, block it, and call it finished.

And speaking of blocking, I see a noticible difference n the Pinguoin sweaters that are washed and blocked and the ones that aren't! And this is a blend of wool and acrylic.

It does matter.

And then, here's the decision the title refers to. I started a mohair shawl.

Don't be disappointed if you voted for the vibrant colorway! I'll still be making it, just not first.

I decided that the judges at the fair are more likely to appreciate the softer shades, so I started with this one and will use it as 1) my "shawl-poncho-collar-scarf" entry, and 2) a Christmas present for someone special.

So far, it's not much to look at, butthat could change at any minute!

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When in doubt, mohair is the definite way to go! Yes! :)
Actually, the colorway in this latest photo is much prettier than the balls of yarn! It will make someone feel VERY special at Christmas.

I think it's interesting to explore the similarities of the Jewish and Christian faiths, too.
Very very pretty. You picked the colorway that I liked best. :)

I have not so fond memories of CCD. Mine were the Catholic CCD classes though. One hour every Wednesday night. I was in the very last class to get confirmed in 6th grade. The next class had to wait until Junior year. ACKK!! My mother realized just how much I hated the classes and let me quit the day after we were confirmed.

I no longer chose to attend Catholic churches as they leave a bad taste in my mouth. When I do chose to attend church; which isn't often; I attend a Methodist church. Unfortunately, the one that I liked closed down and merged with another church that I don't much like.

Gah that is way to much info. lol So, I'll shut up now. :P
I like the Tomten Jacket, Ann, very nice work, also the soft colored shawl is very, very pretty.
We did not get much snow here, so I hope to get outside and pock in my garden a little. I did not get the OK yet to knit have been going to the Chiropractor 3x a week. I am trying out the Cold Laser treatment, see if that will help.

You lucky Gal, you can knit to your heart content, and I am longing to just knit a couple of rows of garter stitch. Not just yet. Til next time, Rita
It looks as if your yarn stash is going the way of my yarn stash. I knitted two balls and bought six this week. I know I will use what I bought sometime before I die. But I had better not be going before I'm 150 years old though.
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