Saturday, February 03, 2007

What a Surprise

Little socks are such a quick knit and lots of fun and look complicated and hard but they really aren't. I have a great pattern (used to be free at Elann--don't bother looking, they took it down. A word to the wise. See a pattern for free at Elann? Print it out. They rotate in and out depending on yarn availability.)

A few weeks ago, I got this great wooly sock yarn from Blogless[?] Joy. The colors screamed baby socks so I cast on, knowing full well that I would probably lose some yardage to make them match.

And I was able to make the cuffs match just fine.

[Eyes left]

The striping's kind of random and that's fine by me.

They look good tucked (here) inside a pair of booties, or in a teensie pair of little white baby high tops like we all wore and like we all put on our kids even though all the literature says bare feet are best and tiny sneakers are just fine.

(I saved them, as did my mother before me. I am not even considering having them bronzed!)

So, you can just imagine my surprise when I found the starting point and cast on and got halfway down the leg of Sock 2 and discovered an gignormous amount of pink where I was expecting just a little (skinny pink stripe) so I cut it right on out of there.

Then, let's see. The green rose up in outrage and threw off the heel (I wasn't cutting again), and there was way more red than I expected and the purple stripe turned out to be one stitch wide.

The rest, you can see for yourself. Clearly, we have a pair of fraternal socks going on here.

And here are the little booties from the pose above. I added a sort of Black Watch-ish ribbon to finish them off.

Pattern is from Morehouse Farm Merino Knits.

Lots of good, basic patterns in this book. And lots of information on sheep (Merino sheep).

I got mine at

And on a silly note: It finally snowed. All of, oh, an inch or so. Last night.

PennDOT was out in force before the first dusting had a chance to stick. And before there was even an inch on the ground here in town, the borough road crew was out in the honkin' big plow and salt truck scraping our cul-de-sac. Too funny!

Big boys haven't had much chance to play with their big boy toys, I guess.

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Any idea how big those booties are? You made me finally order that Morehouse Farm Knits book last night ... thanks, intending to enjoy it!
Is the Morehouse book good? I haven't seen it in person yet and I've been a'wondering about it.
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