Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wake Up Call

I was in the middle of an interesting but troubling dream (work related) when I woke to the sounds of retching in my ear. Full-throttle retching. It was 4 in the morning!

Thinking fast, I pushed the offender off the bed, turned on the light to view the damage and seeing little, peeled the case off my pillow, and crawled back into bed.

Fast forward to 9. Daylight comes and the full scope of the disaster is clear. Not just my pillowcase (in a sodden heap over there ::points:: ) but also the corner of the top sheet and the entire vertical surface of the bottom sheet (Headline: "Projectile Puke Defies Gravity").

Say it with me: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

I've had this cute little sweater on my mind.

It's top down, with a hood or with a collar. The pattern calls for ties, but I really don't like the way they look after a few washings, and since I was planning the sweater in white. . .Well, you know how that would look too fast for words.

It really is an easy knit and the yarn (Red Heart with Wool) was begging to be knit up for quite a while. So I went to the button stash and picked out these adorable lady bugs.

They were from Michael's (several years ago).

And cast on.

Since I was already up,what else could I do? I worked on the little sweater for the reservation
and between early morning, a few minutes in the car, afternoon, and early evening.

Dang it! It's done!

And don't the ladybugs just set the tone?

Recap: Pattern here free, even. Yarn--worsted weight (discontinued Red Heart with Wool). Needles--size 7. Buttons--Dress It Up #740.

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Oh, fer cute!
i'm a fairly light sleeper, and have for the most part have banned the cats from the bedroom (jimmi always wants in & out, and joplin tends to pick fights with jimmi, and hog the bed (my husband is 6'8" there's no room as it is)). sometimes joplin hides under the bed, though, and i'm not going to try to drag grumpy (she's gotten bitchy in her old age, she's 13) out, so i still hear those dulcet tones on occasion. i can rouse myself, and make her scram, cuz there's noting more gross than rolling over in cat yak (shudder).

on a lighter note, the sweater is darling!
I first learned about that pattern here on your blog. I've made two of them for the community center, one with ties and the other with a zipper. Next time I'll have to try buttons; I even already have some cute pink ladybugs!
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