Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!

We never close!

Our Executive Director is a stickler (as he should be) for good stewardship of the donors' money, and feels that if we can get there, we should be there.

So it was no surprise at all that at 5:30 this morning, the Weatherline said "Report to Work," albiet a little late (10, not 8 for those who come in at 8--I come in at 6:30).

At 9:30, the message changed and we are closed!

And it's still coming down! The snow blower was taken out for its maiden voyage.

The Monty-gauge is saying 6" in the back yard. The weather forecast is currently 5-10" followed by a switch to freezing rain.

We are not amused!

So we are keeping busy plowing out, knitting, and watching TiVo.
ooooo Pretty pretty pictures. You can keep all that snow over by you though. heheh We have more than enough to keep me happy.
Are you SURE you can't send some of that to MN ... please?!
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