Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sanctity of Marriage

Beth and Joanne exchanged vows in Lambertville this morning. They've been together a real long time.

Rudy and #3 exchanged vows a while back. Yes, Number 3.

Do either of these unions (one recognized across the U.S., the other, only in New Jersey) have any bearing on the state of my marriage? Discuss.

Truthfully, I have a hard time understanding how the state of any other couple's union has any effect at all on the sanctity of what the Other Half and I have built over the past 30-something (40, come September) years.

I find it hard to understand how a marriage between a man and woman who fight constantly and physically and mentally abuse one another (and their children) can somehow be more "sacred" than a marriage between same sex partners who are respectful of each other and others around them.

So hats off to New Jersey. And to Connecticut and Vermont. And especially to Massachusetts!

And congratulations to Beth and Joanne.

And speaking of congratulations, two of my co-workers are enciente. Two summer babies in the oven. How very nice.

And so, I am making tiny socks. And perhaps tiny sweaters with some very soft baby ack (white) that I have stashed.

But they'll still need socks.

That's a hat to match the sweater of many colors in the background. I'm thinking about a jester-style with 3 tails. Or maybe it's destined to be Plain Old Beanie.

I still have time to decide.


Agree with you on the marriage stuff. Good luck with the baby knitting. You are the most productive knitting blogger I know!
Marriage is such a damn difficult thing to deal with without having to worry about what the whole world thinks. I say that to find someone that you actually want to spend the rest of your life with is such a rare thing that to hell with the rest of the world. If you find that somebody, no matter their sex, hang on and don't ever let go.

And with that, I'll take my single butt and go get some sleep. hehehe
I agree with you on the marriage stuff, but I do get a little itchy at how the same sex couples only get a Civil Union instead of a marriage.

I know that the media is saying that it grants same sex couples the same rights as hetero couples; I just get a little bit of a separate but equal vibe from the need to delineate it as different than a marriage.

Anyways, congrats to Beth and Joanne!
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