Saturday, February 24, 2007

More F'd Os

It would seem that small FOs R us these days.
Last night, I put the finishing touches on a hat for Dulaan (left), a pair of socks for an upcoming baby (center), and a hat to match that sweater for the reservation.
The particulars are as follows: Dulaan hat is knit of double strands of sun-dyed superwash wool. The greenish yarn is the last of the copper ammonia stuff. The yellower yarn was dyed with birch leaves.
The baby socks are knit of Stahl Socka (sock-weight wool/nylon) that I've had forever.
You know the drill on the rainbow hat. I think there's still enough left to make another hat (or a pair of mittens). I told you it was a big ball!
There's more wintery weather predicted for tomorrow. It figures. The appointment I had scheduled for Valentine's Day was rescheduled for Monday!
I have cast on a very plain baby sweater to go with the socks. ::yawn::
Picture (probably all finished) tomorrow.

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I am loving this Fusion yarn. It's the energizer bunny of yarn, fabulous.
Love the Dulaan hat - you were smart to combine the two yarns. Looks great.
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