Thursday, February 01, 2007

Little Stuff

Nothing big, but three Knit From Your Stash FOs for February already and it's only the first!

This little hat (for Dulaan) was a one-day wonder! It's Lopi (very bulky) knit up on 10.5s (6.5 mm for the non-USA-ans). Fifty-six stitch cast on.

The colors all bled out in the photo.

The yarn is leftovers from the cardigan I made for myself (see November 3, 2005 entry), a sort of soft denim, navy, and cream.

It's warm.

And itchy.

But mostly warm.

The rabbit is sporting booties made from cotton, mauve.

Did I mention that I do not like this pattern?

The rabbit, however, I like a lot.

Dollar Tree. One buck. Available in lots of different colors.

This one is lavender. He, too, bled out.

Here's the pattern I do like, all dressed up with flower buttons and bright yellow ribbon.

Both pairs of booties are part of "Heet the Feet" for the Cheyenne River Reservation. You think it's cold in your part of the world? Right now it's -2, heading for -9. That's cold!

I have another pair on the needles in a deeper purple. I'm using a the pattern from here and I'm thinking that it's about to become one of my favorites! (Picture tomorrow, perhaps.)

At some point over the weekend, I need to load Turbo Tax onto this machine and start working on the dreaded taxes. The Cellar Dweller is already complaining about how much he will still need to pay in. You know, it's the price you pay for all this great health care and security we have. No, wait. Nevermind.

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Hey -- how come the pattern you DO like is the only one that gave me the dreaded little box with the red X??
Awww those flower buttons really make those booties too cute!
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