Thursday, February 15, 2007


What goes around and all that!

Yesterday, while the Other Half was using the Big Machine to clear our driveway, the Guy Across The Road moved his car to our side of the street, right in front of the mailbox (we have rural delivery) so that he could clean off his driveway, too.

That was all well and good, except that when the snow plow came through, rather than move his FREAKIN' car, he just watched while they plowed him in. Then he moved his car, leaving our mailbox completely blocked. Asswidget!

It's really hard to see in this photo, but the snow plow dude has a good memory :coff: and plowed his driveway shut on the late night pass. It looks deliberate.

How do I know this?

All of the other 4 driveways on our cul de sac were as open as they were when we cleared them earlier in the day. :snork:

There's no work today for me and my staff. We were not plowed last night. The city (trying hard to clear main roads) missed our dead end until about 7:30 this morning, so our plow service missed us.

I was there. I was stuck.

I came carefully down the access street, flipped on the old turn signal, made the turn and holy cr@p! (not a link) got stuck. At the top of the hill, not the bottom, at least!

Thanks to one of my "guys" and a good Samaritan, I got out without destroying tires or transmission.

We are closed.

I put the day to good use, with some work I needed to get done, then I seamed up this pair of snuggly slippers for Ship Support.

They are Lion Brand Boucle. Hard Candies colorway. Aunt Alm's pattern, cast on 60 stitches, cast off at 30. Size 10 needles.


I love it! That snowplow driver deserves some chocolate. Or a handknit hat. Or something.
Two thumbs up for the snowplow driver!

Judi M.
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