Friday, February 16, 2007


Yes, there are two!

The "Dulaan Steppe Sweater" in Lion Brand Boucle (a mostly Ack blend, so it will stay State-side).

This yarn is a real bear to knit. I positively hate knitting with all the little fuzzy loops. They split, they catch, they get fuzzed up and ucky looking (scientific term).

But the fabric of this little sweater is actually quite nice. It looks and feels a bit like polar fleece or some other "modern" fabric.

And the second FO, started just this morning. This is Tammy's "recipe" that she calls "In a Flap Cap." It's quick and cute. I'll be making lots of these, I think.

This one was made on size 7s with Brown Sheep NatureSpun (evergreen--light) and Patons Classic Wool (forest green--dark).

I need to work on the jogs.

And I will on the next one.

Update on the parking lot: It's plowed. Two different "big trucks" had a real time and a half getting in and out today.

Movie Review: Flags of Our Fathers is out on DVD. It is incredibly intense.


I loathe boucle, but it does make a nice, soft fabric. Love the zigzags on your sweater - very cool. The hat is great; I'm going to go check out the recipe.
Jogs: see

Have I mentioned that I am in awe of your productivity? Let's not even talk about quality, design, color sense, etc.
The hats are awsome!
Look how cute yours turned out! I love it. I have some pencil roving and 9 mm needles just calling out to be one. I think that will give me an adult sized hat.
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