Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First for 2007

Because the fair will be here in no time (6 months ::eep::), I decided that today would be a good day to do a fair entry. (Okay, truth time--I started it yesterday.)

Can you tell? It's a dishcloth.

In some cottony stuff I got (from Leah?). I used size 4 needles and a pattern from Beautiful Knitting Patterns by Gisela Klöpper.

It's a cast on of 43(3 garter stitches each edge and 3 ridges top and bottom). The pattern itself is a 12 stitch + 1 repeat and 24 rows long.

Yesterday's hat pattern is from the same book. Jami asked about the pattern. Um, it's not birds (though I admit that was my thought, too when I saw it knitted up in that low-contrast color scheme). It's actually a vine and leaves. Trust me on this. When there's some contrast, it shows.

Back at work. We had a phone and a phone jack both die. Perhaps it was a murder suicide. Or a suicide pact. Matters not. It's fixed.

Truck that was originally due last Monday, finally arrived today to pick up an outbound load. After 3 false starts. We were happy to see him.


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