Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside

And of course, you hadn't noticed!

After a warm early winter, we are paying now, in spades! Temperature here in Eastern PA is hovering around 5, with wind chills in the negatives. It isn't expected to hit freezing before the weekend.

Rumor has it that the Groundhog predicted an early spring. Folks, I think we already had it!

As long as the power stays on, we are snuggly warm, though. But I worry about the folks who don't have a warm place to be. The guys living in Dumpster City, and Under the Bridge, and in Doorways.

School is delayed or closed in much of our region. Seems kind of a shame that the kids most likely to be cold in their homes, are also the ones who were counting on a hot meal (or even two) and might not get one.

And I won't even go into my rant about how we walked 4 miles to school in 2' of snow, uphill, both ways.

More later, maybe even pictures!
I'm with you ... whenever school is out, I worry about those kids who were counting on a hot meal for lunch, and in most cases, probably breakfast, too. Does your food shelf use go up in the cold?
in july!

and yes, you're right. those parents count on the meals at school to feed their kids, when they can't always do it.

i used to work for a company that provided sack lunches during the summer, so that they had at least one adequate meal.

my school feeds breakfast to anyone who comes, and not just low-income kids. i don't take advantage of it because of a few factors: 1. there are 700 kids in my sons' school, and the lines can be insane. 2. it's not enough food for 2 teenage boys. 3. i can afford to feed my kids, i'd like to leave the money/food there for those who can't.

although, i do have to say i think they're trying to starve my boys. the school lunches are completely inadequate! and they charge an arm & a leg for extras!
I am with you on the subject of cold and the poor. I am happy to tell you that in the City of Boston, our Mayor sends out a dozen Vans everyday when it is cold to either transport the homeless people into shelters, and the ones that don't want to go, are given blankets and clothing and food on the spot, daily.I wish we could give them all homes, but I am happy that our Tax money is doing this much. I support the Breadbasket that makes the sandwiches and desserts.

Yes Ann, I also walked to School in all weather, and we had to walk home at noon for lunch, and back by 2pm til 5pm.no rides. That was in Switzerland, where I grew up.

I am sitting in a sunny window here, and I will make yet another hat for a cold head. Rita
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