Sunday, February 11, 2007

Actual Pictures of Knitting

Everyone wants to get into the act!

Little Dulaan Steppe Sweater that I "threw" together from the Gjestal Naturgarn dyed with The Cheap Stuff. Unfortunately, the Naturgarn isn't as lofty as the yarn that the pattern calls for, so I got a smaller size sweater. It's probablythe size for a skinny 2 year old rather than the 6-8 that the pattern suggests.

I've already started another with fatter yarn (Lion Boucle) and it's coming out closer to the correct size.

Because of the lower wool content, that one will make its way to the Reservation.

Here's how it looks without Go, Dog, Go peaking out the top.

I'm calling the color Pomegranate, because this mottled coral color is the true color of the seeds (and the skin, too, if the truth be known).

(I grew up filching the fruit off a neighbor's tree.)

And in other knitting, I completed this hat with some of the yarn that Tammy sent last month. It's Cleckheaton Country Heathers 8-Ply (superwash wool). The color's hard to describe. It's brown, or taupe, but not quite. There's definitely some blue in there.

Nice to knit. Warm. I've used this brand before, but not the heathers.

The pattern is a Broken Rib variation: Row 1-knit 2, purl 2. Row 2- knit (if knit in the round).

Winter weather (snow) is finally predicted for Tuesday into Wednesday and since I am supposed to speak at a church basement dinner I have mixed feelings. I'd love to spend Valentine's Day dinner with my Other Half, but I'd like to have it over with, too, as missed speakings never go away until they are completed.

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That broken rib hat would be very nice for Ships; I'd think the troops would like that pattern.

Sure wish I could crank out sweaters the way you do! Even if smaller, that sweater turned out great for some little one; thanks for sharing the "inspiration".
Hmmm, is that an Elann newsletter that the hat is resting on? Whatcha buying? :)
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