Saturday, January 27, 2007

Very Good Mail Day

We came home from a trip to BJ's (for cat litter and gallon jugs of floor cleaner and such as that) to a wonderful pile of packages on the front porch.

Top of the pile was This Yummy Book that I will read cover to cover then cast on something just perfect. (<$20 from In the same box was a copy of Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading by Maureen Corrigan (NPR book critic who was interviewed on Fresh Air last week. I came home and ordered it. Fresh Air is very bad for my wallet).

And, it seems, all I have to do is type yarn diet and packages start arriving. Of yarn.

There is Annabelle Fox Chunky Tweed in Jade from Ann which included a finished hat and nearly finished mittens and enough of the yummy green wool for a kid sweater for Dulaan (far left), The sage green Maya that I won from Tammy (I believe we've already drooled on that one, top), and a box of wooly odds and ends and full balls of of Pinguoin, Emu, and Reggia from Tammy as well (and a bit from Rabbitch) .

Cat not included.

I have spreadsheeted (my blog, my word) all of the new stuff and I am now officially 1 mile ahead of where I was at the beginning of this Knit From Your Stash experiment.

Clearly, it isn't working!

This whole whack of goodness and knitterly generosity took the wind right out of my prepared rant for the day and made me feel like a very small person, indeed, so I will save it for tomorrow and just say a hearty Thank You to the folks who made me feel like a million bucks.

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Hrm, I've completed four items and given away something like 80 balls of yarn. One to you *g*

Diet's working just fine for me. And if I ever get all of my stash in one room (it's in four right now) I may well spreadsheet it.
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