Thursday, January 25, 2007

Taking Inventory

We did that at work last week. It's what people do in January.

It's what us 12-steppers do way too often for comfort and I have to say that I am wrapped up in some serious inventory-taking these days and it's not my own if you get my drift.

Besides the usual, everyone and everything is getting on my nerves. It's nothing I can put a finger on, but I'd like to stand on a street corner and yell, "would you all take a little responsibility for your actions!"

But if I do, the men in the white coats will be after me with the big funny net and the jacket with the sleeves that tie in the back. I really can't even just keep my head down and do my work. Because right now, I'm doing someone else's. Could this be a responsibility thing? Might could.

This sort of keeps me sane.

Makes you want to salute, doesn't it?

It's for Ship Support and it's Red Heart and I hate knitting with Red Heart but it was available at the only place I could possibly get one skein of yarn and not be tempted to get a whole big whack of yarn!

Yep, Tru-Value, the hardware store.

Problem is, I have 40 Tru-Value bucks and they expire in 2 weeks. I may have to trot on in there and buy a whole big whack of Red Heart and ship it somewhere like the Reservation. (They don't have anything but the Classic stuff at Tru-Value so I am not the slightest bit inclined toward stash enhancement.)

Then again, I might just buy a new door mat with my bucks. Or put a down payment on a chain saw.

It could happen.


Depends on what you might be planning to DO with the chain saw!!! As to whether you choose that or the RH yarn, that is.
Uh, Ann? I think I'd belay that chainsaw for the time being, kwim? Just sayin'.

Love the hat, RH ot not.
Tru-Value has yarn? Who knew?
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