Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sweater Sunday

This morning I decided to see if the Lion Boucle could be put to better use than just hats and mittens, since I bought [coff] 21 balls of it right before the New Year was rung in (see December 31 entry).

Yeh, yeh. I went back and got nine more. I bought in lots of 3 (171 yards) in the hope that there would be enough of each color for a toddler-size vest.

And there is.

A pattern of my own devising. It uses about 125 yards of bulky weight yarn.

Tomorrow, I'll post the pattern.

Note: I have consumed 6 balls of the Boucle and 4 balls of the Nasty Fur.

But now, I'll go stick pins in the weatherman voodoo doll. It's sleeting.

Answer to a recent comment from Kathleen: Ack=my way of saying "acrylic" and at the same time conveying my utter disregard for plastic yarn.


Strange to say from me, but that vest is really cute. (Wool girl, here.)
I've got some bulky wt yarn in my stash just waiting to be a vest like this! Too cute!
yumm k.?
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