Monday, January 15, 2007

Some People

The Younger Kid (the one who still lives here) was asked yesterday if he would wear a sweater like this one.

Without batting an eye or hesitating for a nanosecond, he replied, resoundingly, "No!"

To his credit (and mine since I didn't pop him one) he is not a sweater-wearer and when the temperatures dip to the point that it really is sweater weather, he is inclined to wear the very, very plain. Or a ratty sweatshirt.

So, his opinion doesn't count a bit.

I've noticed other people (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are) have also been less than enthused about the colors and the patterns, and I chalk this up to a dislike of Fair Isle (despite being Scottish and all) . So, that's 2 out of, what, 6.6 billion people on the planet, weighing in. I'd say that the majority likes the sweater. (My story, sticking, you know the drill.)

It's coming along nicely.

When this one is an offical toss, I shall start another baby sweater for the Reservation. There's a hat on the other needles. Car Knitting.

And so, I have jumped on yet another bandwagon. I'm such a a ho for kids!

Kate has another not scam going. This one's for bald kids.

And how do we know that it, like Ryan's, is Not-A-Scam? Come on! Who besides recently bald kids would actually request hats made out of this stuff?

Yep, it's Lion's newly-discontinued Nasty Fancy Fur. I can't get a good close-up shot, so you'll need to trust me on this: One strand of Fun Fur, one strand of floor sweepings. This little hat took about a couple hours. It's 14" but it stretches to about 20" so it should fit a 10 year old.

I got mine at the Dollar Tree (of Boucle fame) but I understand it's available all over the place for about a buck-a-ball. Wow. A dollar to bring a smile to a very sick kid. How can I refuse.

Ten, why?


ok, here's one vote for "yes i would wear it!" poo to the fair isle haters!

now i understand why joanns and all those other big boxes have the crap on sale. they're getting rid of it.

(and my verification word is an actual word! pottery!)
I'm so glad to see someone else using a strand of something else with it, because I misread the instructions on the one pattern and am using a WW strand with it.

I was going to just send this one to the reservation and hope some kid would think it was cool, or take it to work for a dress-up hat for toddlers, but maybe someone would wear it out in the "cold" public in Boston, too?

Next one is going to be just double strand Fun Fur, almost as nasty as the Fancy Fur! And I've YET to see any at our Dollar Tree here locally ... but Joanns and Michaels are trying hard to sell out ... isn't it great to find someone actually REQUESTING it?!
What's not to love about the sweater? Like the crazy hat, too. Glad to know someone likes to wear it 'cause if it's real soft and furry I like to knit it.
Love the sweater; LOVE it! I would definitely wear it, but only if there are no stripes across the boob region. There's certainly no reason for me to be calling attention to that particular part of my anatomy.

The hat looks like it will be cozy and fun to wear.

I don't think my word verification is a real word, but it's cute like the hat: kipiw!
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