Friday, January 05, 2007

Set Point

I just updated the sidebar Yarn Countdown to reflect the (almost) current state of my stash.

In Measurables, I have 521 balls of yarn (that's the number that needs to go down before I can add anything--two out, one in), representing 49.67 miles and 81 pounds (37,029 grams). That's a lot of yarn!

So, that's my starting point for Knit From Your Stash. To buy a ball of yarn, I must get two gone.

:looks around:

Nope, no candidates for giving away. I guess I'll have to knit it.

I'll confess to buying 3 skeins of Red Heart Classic (the 100g ones) at the hardware store today. They are for a specific request from Ship Support. Nittany Lion navy and white. How could I not? (I will confess to buying it at the True Value so I wouldn't be tempted to buy any other yarn tahn what I need!

And here's what comes from 3 balls of Lion Brand Boucle:

I finished a second pair of mittens and a little hat. So the report on the LB Boucle (aside from the obvious--that it's crappy to knit--is that 3 balls will make 2 pairs of mittens (child size) and a toddler hat.

Not bad for three bucks!

I love hardware stores....but I have never seen yarn sold in one!
Well, the LB Boucle may not be fun to knit, but it sure makes a cute finished product! For little ones, I think a cheerful color is half of the thrill of getting something!
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