Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off to See the Wizard

Come Saturday, these three friends will wend their way to Maine.
I had hoped that there would be many, many bears, but that just didn't happen.
There will be a hat and a scarf and mittens, though, so they won't be lonely. And the other bears (once they are no longer nude) will find their way(s) into the arms of a child children who need a friend.
Tooth update: I may have mentioned that I chipped a tooth. It was last Thursday. On Friday, I called the dentist, and being no fool, I opted to wait until Tuesday (that would be yesterday) so that I could see my regular dentist and not be squeezed in on the day before a holiday. Did I mention that it's a front tooth?
So, yesterday, the Son of the Marquis deSade repaired the tooth. It looked great. At 10 this morning, the bond fell off again! I swear, all I bit was a candy cane that I had been sucking on for hours. So it's back to the dentist. On Friday.
That banging noise is my head on the desk.

The bears are adorable. Lucky child. Poor Ann's tooth.
The bears are great. I'm off to see my dentist on Friday as well. Misery loves company, eh?
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