Monday, January 08, 2007

Now What?

With one sweater done for Cheyenne River, I turn my attention back to Dulaan.

Big bunch of leftovers, first from the Knitting Olympics in February (the little steeked masterpiece), and now from the first Dulaan sweater.

Same bunch of wool blend (Pinguoin Pingofrance II) that I got in a swap (or I bought on knitswap) several years ago. It aged first in the stash of the original owner, then in my stash. It was nice and ripe and now it's time for it to be gone.

This is all that is left. I estimate it's just enough for a size 8-10 top down sweater (chest size 33").

And so. . .I really like these charts from the Holiday 2006 Kit Simple. That, plus Mary Rich Godwin's Kids to Grown-ups (Seamless Sweaters Knit From the Top Down)--mine came from Elann, plus my leftovers. Well, I think we may have a winner!

Like the "Use Up Your Odd Balls" afghan, I am grabbing whatever comes into my hand for each change of color. I have lots of shades of blue, and salmon, caramel, and goldenrod for accents.

It will be colorful and warm, if nothing else!


What fun that sweater sounds like it will be to knit! Grab a ball of yarn and knit for a while, then grab another -- cool!
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