Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Can See Clearly Now

I came home early today.

My eye (left) has been bothering me for a while. Sort of scratchy/itchy like when there's a cat hair. . .

Today, I finally threw in the towel and called my doctor. Unfortunately, so did everyone else in town.

You know those flu shots? They make them so that people can take them and not catch the flu so that when someone (me) needs to see her doctor, she can. :ahem :

The best they could do was early next week. At which point I would have ripped my eyeball right out of my skull and run it through the dishwasher.

So I called my eye doctor. (Let me interject that I have been thinking about changing. Today clinched it.)

Appointment at 11. 45 minutes away from where I was (it was 9:30). Put a rush on what I needed to finish, hopped in the car. Got there with minutes to spare. And waited. And waited. While over there in the corner of the waiting room, a TV played on, and on, in an endless loop about some diagnostic procedure, and on, and on. . .

Finally, I get into the examination room. Finally, Dr. Eye shows up. "Washes" his hand with sanitizer (hello, there's soap and water and a sink!), then proceeds to open and close every cabinet and drawer in the room with the same hands he just sanitized, then pokes his fingers in my eyes.

(Hello! Move my records, please.)

So, it's conjunctivitis ("pink eye" to the non-medical among you), probably allergy-related (the cat sleeps on my bed all day, ya think?). How can he tell?

Like this (if you're sqeamish, skip this part): grasp the eyelashes firmly, turn the eyelid inside out, apply a dry cotton swab to the underside of the lid, collect sample.

Yeh, I went home (rather than drive 45 minutes, essentially blind!). But first, there was the payment issue. The counter-person says my insurance won't pay (based on a previous experience). My insurance company says they will (based on the same previous experience). I wrote a check. I'll get reimbursed.

(Please move my records!)

Eyedrops. Anti-inflamatory (steroid). 4 X daily for a week.

(Move the damned records!) And it wasn't just the stupid comment about my knitting!

These kid-sized chemo caps are a breeze to whip up.

The dark one is Bernat Boa with a strand of sport weight ack. Size 13 needles. The white one is the Nasty Fancy Fur with a strand of Bernat Lollipop. Size 9s

They are both nice and soft and snuggly.

And they work up really fast. And really, the Boa use the leftovers of a single ball. The Nasty Fur is slightly more than 1 ball.

And so, I cast on another of the Nasty Fur ones. This time a single strand of Nasty Fur alone. On 13s.

You know, it's knitting into a nice fabric.

I think I will spend some time moving the little colored blops to the right side when I am finished.

Or turn it inside out and make the hat reverse stockinette.
Sorry to hear about the eye troubles. Hope it 'clears' up soon! :)

I have some Bernat Boa and wondered who it would work for these hats. Glad to see it will! You said "The dark one is Bernat Boa with a strand of sport weight ack."

What is sport weight ack? Just a coordinating acrylic sport? I've never heard that expression and want to embark on this adventure just once! Thanks.
not who - how! sheesh, I need some sleep!
Definitely. Move your records. But write them a letter and tell them what and why, including the name of the numbskull doctor who apparently doesn't understand the concept of "sterile." Was he an ophthalmologist? or an optometrist? If the former, he should be disbarred or defrocked or whatever. If the latter, he should have to wear ill-fitting contact lenses for the next month. Sheesh.
Reverse stockinette works. With all that fur, nobody will be able to tell, and besides, then the inside will be smoother and more comfortable.

You definitely need a new eye doctor. But I wouldn't write the letter until after the records are safely moved and you're sure you like the new one.
Sorry about your eye! At least now you have something that will hopefully make it feel better. I hope it wasn't some of that nasty fur in your eye! Those hats are great, and truly above and beyond the call...
Never would have occurred to me to use Boa for the hats, too! Thanks for the idea.
Umm, I hope it wasn't nasty fur in your eye, being nasty?
Hope your eye is feeling better soon. Are you like a pirate, with the one eyed squint and all while knitting? 'Cause that would be sexy. Go on, practice saying Arrrrghhh, it's fun.
Just to be obnoxious, I wanted to throw out there that the sterilizer is actually more effective than normal handwashing and as effective as proper handwashing (there is a difference). If your doctor hadn't been a complete fool who then touched ever other bleeding object in the room, his alcohol-sterilized hands would have been perfectly safe for patient contact. But yeah, grabbing the cabinet doors? That would nix it for me, too.
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