Saturday, January 20, 2007

Home Run!

I was going to write this entry earlier today and call it "On the Home Stretch," but there was no need for another interim post. The Dulaan Odd Ball, she is done.

According to the pattern, it's about a size 8. I deliberately made both body and sleeves a little longer than the pattern calls for for a bit of extra warmth.

The Other Half commented last night, "Some little kid is going to love that." I sure hope so.

To recap: Odd balls of Pinguoin Pingofrance II (20/80 wool/acrylic), sport/dk weight size 4 and 6 needles. Pattern From Mary Rich Goodwin Kids to Grown-Ups Seamless Sweaters. I think I bought the pattern book from Elann. They have it in stock for a well-worth-it $14.95 (US).

Answer to Beth's Question: Yes, there are lots of ends. 136+ on this sweater. I did myself a favor, though and kept weaving them in on the body as I went along. I would have woven in the ones on the sleeves too, but the sleeves were too narrow to get my fingers inside so I waited till the end and turned each sleeve inside out then wove them all at once. (It took over an hour.)

I finished my third Kid Chemo Cap. This one is LB Fancy Fur (Bold Black) single stranded. Cast on about 48 stitches (honestly, I lost count at some point) on a 16" size 13.

My needle is a Plymouth bamboo. I hate it. The join is awful, the cable is stiff.

But the resulting hat is soft and stretchy and wonderful.

I thought the little bobbles (the colored bits) would pose a problem (about half are on the inside), but I don't think that will be the case. They aren't the slightest bit hard (sort of like soft foam stuffing).

Strange stuff, that.


The sweater is just adorable. I don't envy you the ends though. hehe
I like the colors and style of the sweater ... but, I don't know any teenagers that would wear it. Beautiful work. Karen
Tons of ends or not, that thing is GORGEOUS, and it'll keep some child extra warm; great job!

What's next?
Colorful and highly interesting -- exactly what a kid will love!
The sweater turned out great! I love all the colors, and the way you repeated them farther down as you went along.
What a Masterpiece, Anne. I think you are a great knitter. Just today on the KL I saw a post from Joan Schroeder about matching stripes. So I know this is tricky , and yours match perfectly. What a lucky kid, to get this sweater. Rita
Ann that sweater is awesome! I'd be happy to wear it if I were a kid - heck! I'd be happy to wear it now :)

You always choose such great color combos!
The sweater is gorgeous!
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