Sunday, January 28, 2007

Constant Whining

If the sound of constant whining is annoying me so much, you'd think I would just STFU, wouldn't you?

My knitting time is currently taken up with a lot of "community" knitting. From Dulaan to Ship Support, the SD Reservation, kids in Boston with cancer, dogs and cats in NOLA and NYC and here at home, little kids in Canada with cancer, homeless people in British Columbia, children in New England, children in PA. Lots.

Over the years, I have knat a lot for charity, and sometimes I've dragged you dudes along with me.

[I've shared what follows with only a couple people ever. ]

I was shocked by my personal reaction to the Red Scarf Project. Norma is a great cheerleader for the project so I was somewhat surprised that I didn't jump at the chance to brighten the day of a college student.

And why not? A care package is a wonderful thing!

The only thing I can put a finger on is this: In 4 years of college, I never got a "care package." Not ever.

In a way, I was in the same boat as the kids that will benefit: "aged out of foster care' (almost--I was still under the thumb of the Orphan's Court until I turned 21). Thing is, kids in the formal system may have it bad (and I have no doubt about this, really good decent foster parents who are in it for more than the money who care as much about their foster kids as they would about their own are few and far between), but at least someone is (at least occasionally) checking on them. Kids in the "family foster network" (like I was) are on their own. No one checks. And abuse is rampant (no scientific proof, just anecdotal evidence).

In my case, the abuse was not physical. It left no visible scars, but I was left a basket case by the time I left "home" at 18 for college. I had no desire to go back. So, now that I've typed it out, it looks really silly.

Maybe next February, I'll find the time and the red yarn and contribute there too.

In the meantime, here's how I'm addressing the stash increase (I told you what happens when I diet) issue.

I have cast on the last of the Nasty Fur, a top-down sweater in a wonderful long repeat acrylic (that feels like no acrylic I've knat up), a baby sock, and a Ship Support hat (for the March mailing, probably). After all, yarn that is on the needles is no longer stash. (My stash, my rules.)

If I weren't short of 16" 6s, I'd cast on a couple more.
You know, that mildly manic pile of newly cast-on projects resembles nothing so much as the similar pile here in my house. Somehow, the pile here seems more frightening. . . and don't fret about the Red Scarf thing. Guess what? You don't have to do it all--there are others out there too (a lesson I'm trying to teach myself). But I do regret that you had to go through all that when you were younger.
my sons have been fortunate. they did end up with foster parents who were in it for more than the money. (i posted about the insanity on my blog a long time ago, i don't remember when, but if you're interested, you can go back (a long time, lol)). that is partly why i felt i needed to make a scarf. for those kids who weren't so fortunate. in fact, one set of foster parents even invited us to their youngest's 1st birthday party (and we invited them to our wedding!). they have become friends.
I'm glad you have such a heart as this...but sorry you came upon it the way it seems to come for many of us - through the pain. I'm not one for 'cutesy' phrases, but a woman sent me an email a couple of years ago with the following quote at the letterhead:
Joy comes to those who have the heart
to turn their pain into art.

Now, start eatin' all that yarn and , oh, I sent you something for it....
When I asked you pre-holiday to talk about how and why you chose certain groups to knit for, I didn't mean to make you self-conscious about it! I know it's a choice but it's also a calling, without caller-ID. You answer the ones ringing for you is all. Now, were you saying you needed some extra 16" needles for more projects....????? Do you take yarn with your needles, ma'am?
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