Saturday, January 13, 2007

Because I Might Run Out

Tammy and Joy-Who-I-Believe-Is-Blogless sent me yarn!

The sage green in the front (Classic Elite Maya) is destined to become mitts (and a scarf if there's enough) for me. Thanks, Tammy ( Rabbitch assures me that prize yarn is to be used by the winner for something for the winner and is never considerd stash).

The wonderful wooliness surrounding my prize is destined for Dulaan and the Reservation. Socks, a little sweater, mittens. The burgundy and navy in the back look like very nicely hand-spun, the dark and light balls on the left are Superwash wool, the sock yarn (on the right) is sport weight. Yummy stuff. Thank you, Joy.

And here's the latest on the latest Dulaan sweater. The yoke is finished and I have separated out the sleeve stitches. I'll be knitting body and sleeves simultaneously so that the sleeves match each other.

The current plan is that the body will have the same pattern knit in, but with a slight variation in the color sequence. If I don't like it after this first color band, there won't be too much to rip.

It's a three day weekend here and both the Other Half and I have Monday off. Unfortunately, I brought home a big whack of work that I must get finished by Tuesday.

It isn't that there's so much of it, it's the tediousness of the task (transcribing lots of numbers on a spreadsheet onto my own spreadsheet for analysis).

Believe me, I spent much time attempting to obtain this data in electronic format. Fortunately, I was at least able to get a clean copy. My original was a fax of a fax from a reduction. That caused a $200,000 error when I mistook a "6" for an "8." Not fun!

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Are there going to be a ton of little ends to weave in at the end of this seater?

Because man, some day I'm going to learn to knit charity/community sweaters like you do!
Very cute sweater! And lucky you, having a 3-day weekend. I have to work--and since the kids will be off school tomorrow, and it's "cold" here (oh! oh! 55 degrees! the sky is falling!!) their mommies will bring them all to the bookstore to play. Oh well--I will spend tonight knitting and let tomorrow take care of itself!
The Dulaan sweater is beautiful. I believe I have typed those exact words here before, but that's okay. It IS beautiful.

I won yarn from Tammy, too -- the gorgeous purply Fleece Artist boucle. It sits on my desk between the keyboard and monitor, but it hasn't told me yet what it wants to be.
Heh, I don't read for a week, and look what happens - I get a mention! You're welcome to the yarn, which really was from more people than just me.

I like the Dulaan sweater - very much. Ignore anyone who doesn't. They can't be seeing right.
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