Friday, December 15, 2006

Well That Was Fun!

Five out of six "vacation" days (plus 2 weekend days) have had me hog-tied to the house with flooring issues and appliance issues (yes, they were necessary, and yes, I was able to get out, and yes, I was able to sit and knit).

My stove and fridge are still in the living room, and the floor guy is coming back tomorrow at 7:30 in the ay em (yes, there is one of those on Saturday) to put the molding back and slide the stove and fridge back into place. (The new stove is being delivered Monday.)

Overlapping all of that was the need for me to work at least a small part of 2 days and fulfill a blood drive (work-related) commitment on a third. And I have an article to write.

Some vacation.

But the flooring is finished (see photo above) and sweater sleeve (see below)

is looking pretty good. I have about another 6" to go on this one (cast on Tuesday, but untouched for 2 days). What you see was (mostly) accomplished today. I would love to be finished with the knitting by Sunday, picking up the ribbing then. Then the hot water wash to get rid of the last of the spinning oil, then some serious blocking.

I could get some quality knitting time in yet this "vacation."

Tomorrow? Oh, please! May tomorrow be filled with knitting.
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