Saturday, December 16, 2006

Things I Have Learned

And I'm sharing them right here for free!

1) Measuring a sleeve every right side row does not make it grow faster. On the contrary. Just sayin'

2) My 'fridge has wheels--so you can pull it away from the cubby and clean. Wow! Who'd a thunk it?

3) The post office is less busy at 10 and 2 than it is at 8 and noon.

4) Measuring on the wrong side doesn't work either.

5) If you plan to "collect all 5," you'd better buy 6 or 7 boxes right off the bat, 'cause when you go back for more, they'll all be gone :sob:

5a) Unless you want Chocolate Lucky Charms.

6) Going on a "yarn diet" is, for me, about as useful as going on a food diet. All it does is make me crave more, more, more. So there will be no yarn diet at Casa Sheepie this year, though Sheepie will continue to watch the size of the stash (see sidebar).

7) Mailing "made things" and odd balls of yarn to People Who Might Enjoy Them feels really good.

8) House do not clean themselves.

9) Sweaters (especially the sleeves) do not knit themselves either.

More later if there is more to report.
Houses don't clean themselves? Next you'll be telling me the Easter Bunny didn't paint the eggs himself.
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