Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Second (or First) Aran

I think I am officially at the halfway point (unless you count the button band, but I'm not, so you just hush on up there!) which means I have something like maybe 20 more knitting hours to go.

The back and the right half of the front is finished. Sleeves=1/3, back=1/3, front=1/3 (so 1/2 of front=1/6). 1/3 + 1/6= 1/2.

Half done!

Yeh, yeh, except for the button band, the seams, and the buttons. I thought I said to hush up!

But the good news is: very few ends to weave because These two pieces (1/2) were both made from the same ball of yarn!

Remember that I bought 3 pounds of Highland Tweed from Webs to make this sweater?

Remember all the time it took to hank, wash and ball it up in 1 pound balls?

Well, it was worth it!

Eyes left! On the left is what's left (chuckle) of the first 1 pound ball. It's nearly enough to make the other front (or the button band. Shut UP!) On the right is another 1 pound ball o' yarn. And there's still another 1 pound in the skein. Just in case.

Okay, admit that you knew I could not avoid starting another project. Ad Mit It!

Something festive. A leetle gift of my time for someone who has spent a lot of time on me.

I just hope I can get it finished by my arbitrary deadline!

(It's a scarf. Knit longwise. In wool. There'll be green, too. Hey, it's Festivus!)
The aran is quite lovely. And I can't fault your math. Nope, looks half done to me. hehehe
Lookin' good! Definitely halfway. More, probably. I, meanwhile, am stuck in the neverending hell of a pattern that calls for a color change every single row. On a deadline, of course.
Pretty, pretty, indeed. Let us know what you think of the Panda Woolbale yarn in the scarf. I bought 8 balls recently for TBD Dulaan knitting and would like to hear your opinion of it.
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