Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Score Is Tied


Thirty Six Years ago today Sgt. Pepper taught the band to in a wedding befitting broke frugal college seniors:

Yes, kids, we really were that young once.

(and that skinny)

I could wax poetic about the wonders of a happy marriage and offer advice on how to keep it going that long, but truth be told is, there is no secret.

It's hard work and a desire to keep it going.

That's all. No magic. No secret.

And no giving up when things get rough.

Most of our friends who married at the same time are still married. No magic. Just hard work.

And speaking of hard work, lookie here!

I didn't finish the second side last night as planned. I managed to get within 2 rows, then my eyes kept slamming shut. The last two rows and the 3-needle bind off happened at 6 this morning.

Then I did the clippy thing (see November 23 entry) and tried it on.

Good news and bad news are both the same! It doesn't fit me!

Intended recipient is considerably narrower than I (see photo at the top of this entry--that was 36 years and I'm not saying how many pounds ago).

My biggest concern was the sleeve opening. It fits and should be just fine. :whew:

Then I cast on the first sleeve.


Fifty-eight, dummy! Not Fifty six!

See that little card taped to my monitor? Thank Franklin (you'll need to scroll down to the December 13 entry) for urging us on! (I have one of these taped to every computer I use. 13 :eep: days until Christmas!)
Happy Anniversary! That's awesome.
Happy Anniversary! May many more be in store.
Happy anniversary and congratulations, Ann! What a beautiful photo. Now I'm all misty. :)
happy anniversary!

my folks were married for 36 years, and they made it through the tough times, as well as the good.
Happy Anniversary! I love that photo.
happy anniversary!!!
your cables are looking gorgeous!
Happy Anniversary!!
Happy Anniversary! 36 years is quite the milestone. Congratulations.
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