Thursday, December 14, 2006

Promised Update

There was stuff to report!

Photo taken at the lunch break shows that the flooring is nearly laid.

This is a composite product called "Dura-ceramic." It's individual tiles (like ceramic), but it's warmer and not nearly as hard (translate: the dropped skillet is less likely to chip and break it).

Tomorrow, the grout goes on, then the appliances go back, the drapes get hung. You know.

(I'm thinking about some rearranging on the counters.)

And in knitting knews, the secret project is finished.

Isn't Bunnie sweet?

Dishcloth cotton (Sugar 'n Cream) on size 4s. My hands are screaming at me! There will be more, but they will be washable wool or ack because no way in hell am I putting myself through that again!

But isn't she sweet? (I think it's a girl.)
That's quite a cute bunny. And believe me, I'm a bunny-lover of the first order.

I'm fascinated by your floor! I didn't realize they had made such a product. Some day, we plan to renovate our 70s-from-hell kitchen, so I'd love to hear your experiences as you live with the floor. Looks great.

-- Carol S.

(Blogger Beta won't let me log in.)
Love the Bunny, love the bear hat! (I thought I posted a comment about that, but didn't see it). Better watch out, all this adorable knitting might have an adverse effect on that famous snarkiness we all know and love. (JK)
I flipped thru my Animal Knits book when you started and could not figure out the project. I thought it was a sweater!
Very cute bunny! And she's a good size for tots!
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