Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pretend You Are Surprised!

I finished something! Tiny sweater for a bear. The pattern is from the Pattern a Day Calendar, June 22, 2005. I've made lots of these.

His new home will be somewhere in Maine. Farm Witch is collecting warm hand-knits and handmade toys for Spruce Run in Bangor, ME, a domestic violence shelter.

It's all about the kids, but there are prizes, too. (This is where the Bunnie will be heading.)

Check it out, then knit a bit and make a little kid smile.

'cause, Dudes, it's about the smiles.

Oh, and I started someting new!


It's going to be a kid afghan or a lap robe. In log cabin variation. I'm using up my washable odd bits.

Used to be that I did one of these Use-It-Up blankies about once a year. Then it went to about 9 months. They seem to be getting closer together!

Here's where I am on Dulaan.

See all those ends? You aren't seeingthe half of it! Because I've already woven about half of them in.

Playing games. Knit a round on the hem, weave in all the navy ends. Knit another round, attack the gold ones. And so on.

Next ones's going to be solid! Just sayin'
you're my hero. that many ends would send me screaming from the room
I bow to your obviously superior patience in the end weaving department. Just wow.
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