Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Yule, Dudes!

The early morning hours of Christmas in a house full of adults are quite different than those in a house where children reside.

Mostly, the [adult] children are asleep having stayed up way too late watching Christmas Entertainment, or visiting friends.

And so, only the female parental unit is awake and waiting in anticipation of the Opening Of The Gifts, knowing full well what is in that Great Big Box.

The anticipation, Dudes, lies in the anticipation of the Opening Of Gifts By Others.

Will the Christmas Arans fit?

Will the stocking stuffers delight?

Are the books the right titles?

Will there be chocolate?

Meanwhile, the female parental unit sits, slowly and carefully weaving in ends, and waiting for the household to rise.

Merry Holiday, may your day be filled with joy.

Film at 11.

Merry Christmas, Ann! All the best to you and your loved ones.
Have faithww -- there WILL be chocolate! And now I must go weave in a few ends myself (50+, to be sort of precise -- a striped sock made the hard way). Have a wonderful day!
Merry Christmas, and may there be nothing but DELIGHT at all the gifts you've chosen!
Merry Christmas Ms. Anne! I hope your day was wonderful!
sounds like y'all had fun! and what was in the big box?
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