Sunday, December 10, 2006

Knitting and (K)not

First the knitting.

Not pants, you sillies! But rather something from Animal Knits by Zoe Mellor. I sincerely expect to have this leetle thing finished up by tomorrow. Tuesday at the latest. Film then.

I'm off (stop it and Shut UP!) for the next 6 workdays. I have Big Plans to have the Aran completed, this completed, the tassels and bells firmly installed on the Christmas scarf, my kitchen floor. Done. My bathroom floors. Done. My new stove with 4 actually working burners. Installed. Christmas cards (both of them) written and mailed. Christmas presents (one big box) wrapped, packed, and mailed.

Big Plans!

People who know me well know that I don't typically "deck the halls" and most certainy do not decorate my body for the December holidays. It will therefore come as some small suprise to my Gentle Readers that I own not one, but two, pairs of Christmas socks.

And I wear them. So there!

(Once again, Blogger fails to cooperate!)

Yesterday, in comments,

Anonymous said...
"What is it with the swearing after a great Bio of a great Woman. "

I am not accustomed to responding to anonymous leavings, but I will in this case.

Grace Hopper was the person who invented the manual! RFTM is a fairly commen term among computer techies. I used the term "RTFM" with an asterisk at the very beginning of this entry. The * at the bottom translated the acronym for those (three people?) who might not be familiar with it.


And from Wikipedia:

"She was then hired as a senior consultant to Digital Equipment Corporation, a position she retained until her death in 1992, aged 85. Grace Hopper died when she woke up and saw herself in the full-length mirror across from her bed, then she screamed "OH SHIT!" and died. "

Somehow, I think Grace would have "got it."
Great comments. wandered over from the knit group to see your blog. Enjoyed Dec 10th. karen austin
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