Monday, December 11, 2006

Just a Big Kid at Heart

Warning: No Not much knitting content

My current favorite cold cereal. You probably do not want to know my favorite hot cereal -- unless, of course, you live in the South or in Washington, D.C., in which case, you are probably offered My Favorite Hot Cereal anytime you eat out (and sometimes when you eat "in") even in the summer, and if you didn't grow up eating it, it's probably about as appealing as Scrapple (don't ask).

Or should I say "them?"

But I digress.

(I heard you say "yet again!" I'm not deaf, you know!)

Here's part of the reason why.

"Collect all 5!"

What reasonable adult purchases more Cheerios when there is a half-full box already in the cabinet?

Why any reasonable adult who is concerned about her cholesterol. That's who! (Or which. Or what.)

Especially when the first one collected is the worst of the bunch! Luck's gotta turn, no?

This one has an on/off switch on the back and about 8 beats of some Penguin Salsa.

Let's just say that it wasn't the one I wanted.

There. That's better.

And they hook together so that you can make a little Penguin Conga Line.

Check your grocer's shelf and get your own. I'm not sharing!

Knitting update: I started something else. Yeh yeh. And the horse you rode in on!

This morning I went to give blood and one of my cow-orkers asked what I was making. I told her. She gave me that look. And walked away muttering.

I haven't touched the Aran yet today, but I will tonight. I should be able to finish the left front.

But I made it to the post office and mailed a couple of gifts and a prize to one of the wieners winners of Rabbitch's Hat Challenge for Vancouver.

Update on the Aran in the a.m.
Grits?! I *heart* grits!
there's only one place around here that gives ya grits, and that's cracker barrel. i love grits. i'm even desperate enough to buy the instant grits that come like oatmeal, in those little packets.

love me some grits.
OK, I'll pass on the grits, but thanks to you, I may NOW have to go buy Cheerios to get those little dancing penguins!
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